Akbar Nugroho
Novia Putri Andriani Mahar Dheny


Bogor Botanical Gardens is a unit under the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI). In providing services to the community, it must be supported by a good performance of its employees so that service to the community is optimal. One effort to maintain excellent service is the need for a direct assessment of the employee’s performance that lead to determine the best employee. Research development to determine the best employee will be recommended to the Human Resource Manager by applying the Simple Additive Weighting (SAW) method and building a prototype with a Web-based system. It is used 9 criteria that have been determined by the Bogor Botanical Gardens, namely: obedience, monthly assembly, exercise, gorol, effectively efficiency, performance achievements (SKP), individual cooperation, teamwork, and appearances. The system was tested with 8 alternatives data (employee’s data) as a testing data at the Bogor Botanical Gardens with the highest ranking is Erti Ernawati, with 0.93 point. The feasibility of the system is tested by the eligibility percentage that given to the information systems specialist and all everyone’s involved. The effectiveness of the method was also tested using the Spearman Rank correlation with result is 0.548 which means moderate changes for this study that compared the rank of before and after using the SAW method.